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Hulya Gray MA BA(Hons) DPSI MCIL DipTrans

“Removing barriers by talking your language”


Hello! I am Hulya Gray. 

For over 20 years I have been providing leading interpreting and translation services in the Turkish (mother tongue) and English language pair.  Throughout I have gained higher experience, knowledge and qualifications to keep at the top of my profession. Increasingly renowned in Conference Interpreting at the highest levels, I offer my services to all those who understand my value to your assignments and requirements.  You spend a lot of time building an important and valuable Team around you.  Why not add me in when it comes to your Turkish language needs?

Language is a lot more than simply the spoken word. Culture, nuance, emphasis, body language, understanding of terminology and regulatory requirements are all key facets that have a bearing on language and consequently on that work you have applied all your time and effort.  You don’t want to take unnecessary risks losing out at the final hurdle.  I am there to enhance your communications with your target audience and partners to achieve your goals.  I have spent my working life in equal time in the UK and Turkey. Like you, I have worked hard to get where I am today.  We can help each other go further.

Please get in touch so we discuss your needs.


 My core values:

  • I prepare meticulously for all assignments to deliver a high quality of service and to ensure deadlines are met;
  • I am committed to protect my client’s private information and I promise to keep all information received secure.  I am happy to sign Confidentiality Agreements: 
  • I am committed to continuous professional development to update my skills to ensure continuation of high quality of services;
  • I am a good communicator and I remain co-operative so that I can achieve the best results for the client;
  • I am a committed professional and am bound by the Institute of Linguists’ Code of Conduct;
  • I am flexible, friendly and work well under pressure. I have no difficulty adapting to my environment and regard myself as a team player;
  • I have excellent research skills to ensure correct terminology and enable background reading.



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